What is Gasoline?

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Gasoline is written in modern C. All you need to build it is the MDL helper library and a C compiler.

Building Gasoline

Use Gasoline

To get started with gasoline, start by taking a look at the documentation.


Gasoline Features

  • Fast Gravity

    Gasoline uses a fast, memory-efficient O(N log N) KD-Tree to solve Poisson's Equation for gravity

  • ChaNGa Compatible

    Gasoline uses an identical SPH method as the new ChaNGa code. You can extend your results to problems requiring >100,000 cores without worrying about different numerics.

  • Modern SPH

    Gasoline uses a modern SPH method that features correct mixing behaviour in multiphase fluids and minimal artifical viscosity.

  • Subgrid Physics

    Gasoline includes support for star formation & feedback, radiative cooling, sink formation, and more.

  • Portable Parallel

    Gasoline uses the Machine-Dependent Library to support diverse parallel architectures, from local threads to MPI to Charm++.

  • Multiproblem Code

    Gasoline includes features for simulating most astrophysical problems involving hydrodynamics and gravity, from the formation of planets to the entire universe.